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Enhanced ElderShield Premium Calculator

Our Enhanced ElderShield Premium Calculator shows you the maximum enhanced ElderShield coverage that you can get using ONLY MediSave that are most popular with our clients. Simply follow the three steps below

  1. Select your current age (NOT age next birthday)
  2. Choose your gender
  3. Click “Calculate.” (Note: May need to scroll down to view result depending on browser)
Please select the search criteria

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ElderShield Premium

6 Things to note about enhanced ElderShield Premium

  1. Premium is only payable on an annual basis (monthly payment mode is not available)
  2. Premium is inclusive of GST
  3. Third party payer via MediSave is allowed (i.e. purchasing for spouse or parents and will not affect your personal withdrawal limit
  4. The MediSave annual withdrawal limit is $600 per person per calendar year
  5. If the upgrade is more than $600, the amount on top of $600 has to be paid by cash
  6. It is only applicable to Singaporean and Singapore PR

Use MedSave to fund your enhanced ElderShield Premium!

Contact us here to enquire your Enhanced Eldershield Premium

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